Meet Erica Locke

The Why

I am a registered Interior Designer and artist who believes in possibility and exploration. One of my favorite things to do is to just brainstorm. Connecting people and ideas together – that is what makes me tick, and also keeps me awake at night. 

The thing that fascinates me the most about design is that anyone can create, and inspiration can be found in anything. As I share inspiration and solutions with clients they build their trust in me to get the job done. I do what I do for the people I get to work with. They become family. That is my ‘why’.

About My Work

I have a big energy and I have never been afraid to take chances in my personal and professional life. Again, possibility. Being bold and adaptable may come from my birth order, but quite honestly it is likely genetic. My dad (a successful entrepreneur) is an inspiration to me and my work as I have grown up in a business owner’s world. I highly value the diverse experiences I have been through as I know it’s given me a more flexible approach to my work.

Where others may see problems, I try to see opportunities. I do my very best to have a positive outlook no matter what the situation is. I’ve always been a connector and had the ability to make ideas and concepts meet. I’m tooting my own horn here, but I can put a silver lining on just about anything. Got a challenge? Bring it on.

My History

I grew up in rural Inwood, IA and went to the University of Iowa for a Fine Arts degree in 2004. I knew that a career in something creative was going to be the path for me. After a year at the University of Iowa I decided to transfer to Iowa State University for a focus on Interior Design and Architecture. After a portfolio review, I was accepted into their competitive program. I spent two years in the ID program and then transferred to Middle Tennessee State University. The recession had hit so my husband and I followed the work and moved to Nashville, TN. Upon completion I received my Bachelors of Science in Interior Design and Marketing in 2011. In 2010 I had begun my first job at Inner Design Studio working specifically on healthcare projects. Fast forward to 2012, we moved back “home” to the Sioux Falls area. We spent a solid 6 months completely renovating a 100-year-old farmhouse while I worked as the Marketing Director for my dad’s business. In 2016 I transitioned to work at a local architecture firm where I dove into incredible projects with amazing clients and co-workers. In January of 2020 it was time for me to take a leap and bring my dreams of business ownership to life. Starting my own business was one of the scariest decisions I have ever made but I haven’t looked back.

Me Today

My family and I reside in the Tuthill Park neighborhood with our mini-goldendoodle, Levy, and a Whoodle named Blue. Over the last 6 years, I (we) have embraced our neighborhood – the parks, the people, and everything this growing city has to offer. I have a newfound love of cycling and I enjoy the occasional bloody beer with olives – AKA South Dakota martini.

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